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Letter From the Chair

Dear Members of the ASCE Global Center for Excellence in Computing (GCEC) and International Members,

Allow me first to introduce to you the new committee as of January 2014:

The GCEC committee invites you to browse its website to learn more about some of the committee's efforts in increasing international students' experience, increasing global cooperation in civil engineering, and ultimately improving ASCE leadership in computing.

Sharing international students' experiences and facilitating such exchanges has become a new activity of the center. Ken-Yu, Esther, Ian and myself have compiled brief summaries of experiences we had over the past two years with international interns. We had very positive experiences and we hope to encourage others to take on students from abroad for short stays. Our updated summaries will be posted soon on our website. We invite you to share with us any success stories you may have with exchange international students. If you want to know more about these opportunities or if you are willing to host international students please let us know. The GCEC will be glad to announce such opportunities on its site.

In November 2013, all the teaching modules that are available for free downloading have been revised and new versions are available. A new module on BIM is under development and expected to be released after the annual meeting in July 2014. We invite you to download and explore these modules. If you would like to add a module please contact me.

Any and all comments are welcome. In the meantime, welcome, thanks for your interest and we look forward to your input.


Hazar Dib
Chair, ASCE Global Center for Excellence in Computing

May 2014