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Earthquake Investigation Committee


Earthquake Investigation Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Earthquake Investigation Committee (EIC) is to initiate, organize, train for and coordinate post-earthquake investigations in areas of interest to the Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering; to develop post-earthquake investigation guidelines for use in such investigations; to organize a team of individuals for immediate response to post-earthquake investigations; to prepare post-earthquake investigation reports.


  • Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami Monograph



The final version of the monograph should be available from ASCE publications later this fall.

Monographs from the Pisco Peru, Kashiwaszaki Japan and the Wenchuan China Earthquakes; and the Pacific Northwest Storm are all in preparation and should be available in early 2009. We also discussed and made assignments for a update to our post-earthquake investigations guide.

In addition, committee members Les Youd and Mark Yashinsky will be producing a webinar on bridges as soon it can be developed and scheduled by ASCE.


The Investigation Committee held its year 2008 meeting in and around Santa Fe, NM. On June 4th, the Jim Camp from the New Mexico Department of Transportation organized an earthquake bridge damage workshop. EIC Committee members Mark Yashinsky and Les Youd and Geologist Lew Rosenberg made a presentation to the group on earthquake damage modes of bridges.

On June 5, the committee had their annual committee business meeting at the State of Oregon office building (hosted by Yumei Wang). We discussed various projects and funding. We had a discussion on establishing an award honoring Le Val Lund who passed away this last year. Hopefully fund raising will be successful for endowments to create a permanent award in his name.


Photo 1 — Earthquake Investigation
Committee Meeting

Later in the day we car pooled to the Los Alamos County wastewater treatment plant for a training tour. This new plant provided a good overview on treatment plant construction and how earthquake vulnerabilities can be detected.


Photo 2 — EIC Committee Evaluating
Treatment Plant

We concluded the day with a group dinner at a local restaurant.


Photo 3 — Dinner Again 

On June 6th, we carpooled to the construction site of the "Rail Runner" project that will be providing light rail service between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. In the afternoon, we visited the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.


Photo 4 — EIC Group at Rail Runner
Construction Site


Photo 5 — Sudi Shoja, Lucero Mesa and
Monique Nykamp at the Rail Runner Bridge


Photo 6 — Lucero Mesa, Alex Tang and
John Eidinger at Rio Grand Gorge Bridge

Those that remained met in Taos for a tour of the historical City and an evening dinner in Santa Fe.


Photo 7 — Alex Tang in Taos 


TCLEE Earthquake Investigation Committee is planning their year 2009 annual meeting in association with the TCLEE 2009 conference in Oakland, CA on June 28th. The committee will hold its annual meeting and possibly conduct training sessions on various lifelines. For information, contact committee chairman Curt Edwards at


Some web sites with additional details on the TCLEE 2009 conference and various earthquakes: 









2008 — Santa Fe, NM: Los Alamos Wastewater Treatment Plant; Red Runner Light rail facility; Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

2007 — Portland, OR: City of Portland Emergency operations center; Port of Portland, Portland Airport, a Columbia River Irrigation company.

2006 — Salt Lake City, UT: Wasatch Fault; Jordan Valley Water Treatment Plant; Questar Natural Gas Facilities

2005 — Charleston, SC: Cooper River Bridge; Santee Cooper Water and Power Facilities; Wando Welch Port Facilities

2004 — San Bernadino, CA: Metropolitan Water District; La Verne Water Treatment Plant and Arrowhead Tunnel system; BNSF Train Dispatch Center

2003 — Long Beach, CA in association with the TCLEE 2003 conference.

2002 — Sacramento, CA; California Office of Emergency Services Emergency Operations Center; State Highway 12 bridge retrofit in Rio Vista; Montezuma Slough Salinity Control Facilities

2001 — San Pedro, CA; Port of Los Angeles — Pier 400; Alameda Corridor Transportation Project

2000 — Memphis, TN; Memphis Light and Gas — Gas Liquefaction Plant, 500 KV switchyard; BNSF Railroad Bridge

1999 — Oakland, CA; California OES operations center; Pacific Bell Central Office Building Retrofit; Kinder Morgan Liquid Fuel Pumping Facility

1998 — Portland, OR; Bonneville Dam and Power Plant; 500 KV Switchyard; Columbia Blvd. Wastewater Treatment Plant

1997 — San Diego, CA; San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant; Mercy Hospital; I-805 Seismic Retrofit;

1996 — Los Angeles, CA; Port of Los Angeles