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Articulating a Global Vision: The Summit on the Future of Civil Engineering - 2025

Civil engineering leaders gathered in June 2006 for the Summit on the Future of Civil Engineering--2025 to articulate a global vision for the profession. To summarize the discussions of the Summit, ASCE released The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025. The report fulfills the purpose of that important meeting, and reflects the participants’ preference of choice over chance. There are only two futures for civil engineering around the globe; the one the profession creates for itself or, in a void, the one others create for civil engineering. Civil engineers came to the summit to choose their profession’s future.

The world of 2025 will present even more challenging opportunities than the civil engineering profession faces today. Civil engineers will serve as master builders, environmental stewards, innovators; managers of risk; and leaders in public policy. To anticipate this new world, Vision 2025 serves as a guide for the future development of policies, plans, processes and progress within the civil engineering community and beyond. The Vision 2025 report was a call to action for individuals and organizations, providing direction to achieve the vision’s goals and prepare for the profession’s future. Through ambitious follow-up work, action steps are now presented in   Achieving the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025: A Roadmap for the Profession.


The 2006 Summit brought together civil engineers from around the globe, along with architects, educators, association and society executives, and other leaders with a stake in civil engineering. Using the current status of civil engineers as a benchmark, summit workshops set out to develop a global vision for civil engineering. To get there, the summit included plenary presentations and breakout sessions, generating wide-ranging discussions, which led to the post-summit culmination of the ideas presented in the Vision 2025 report.

Summit Photos

/uploadedImages/Vision_2025_-_New/Resized_Martensonpresentation.JPG  /uploadedImages/Vision_2025_-_New/Cropped_Plenarypresentation.JPG  /uploadedImages/Vision_2025_-_New/Resized_Smt06_285.JPG 
2006 ASCE President Dennis Martenson offered remarks during the summit, which set out to develop a vision for the future of the civil engineering profession. John G. Voeller, senior vice president, chief knowledge officer and chief technology officer of Black and Veatch, suggested during his plenary presentation that civil engineers of the future will serve in four roles: the creator, repair person, integrator and innovator.

Ralph R. Peterson, the late chairman and CEO of CH2M Hill, offered insights into globalization issues and their impact on the profession during his plenary presentation.

/uploadedImages/Vision_2025_-_New/Resized_Mongandiscussion_000.JPG  /uploadedImages/Vision_2025_-_New/Hatch_cropped.JPG  /uploadedImages/Vision_2025_-_New/Smt06_048.JPG 
Then ASCE President-elect David Mongan served as the chair of the Summit Steering Committee and is pictured here with Gerry Galloway, professor of engineering at the University of Maryland. Lt. Gen. Henry J. Hatch, then chair of the ASCE International Activities Committee, was a plenary speaker at the summit and is pictured here with Get W. Moy, director of installation requirements and management of the Office of the U.S. Deputy Under Secretary of Defense. (l-r) ASCE Executive Director Pat Natale, Stephen Bechtel, David Mongan and Michael Mucha, director of public works of Olympia, WA, enjoy the reception at the summit.
/uploadedImages/Vision_2025_-_New/Smt06_176.JPG  /uploadedImages/Vision_2025_-_New/Cropped_intlPG_000.JPG  /uploadedImages/Vision_2025_-_New/CroppedNewImage2_000.JPG 
Patricia Galloway, CEO of the Nielsen-Wurster Group, Inc. and Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr., chairman emeritus of the Bechtel Corporation, served as co-chairs and participants in the summit. Masanori Hamada, then president of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Jorge Diaz Padilla, then president of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, Mexico, and Jenn-Chuan Chern, then past president  of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, Taiwan, enjoy the reception at the summit.

Kamel Ayadi, then president of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations and Jean Venables, then vice president of the Institution of Civil Engineers, U.K., had the opportunity to share perspectives with Patricia Galloway and Stephen Bechtel, Jr.