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ASCE eCareer Mentoring - for Mentors

 Mentoring in Progress

Share Wisdom.  Connect Online.

How to Apply

1.  Have your ASCE member number available. If you are not currently an ASCE member, join today!
2.  Register to become a mentor by completing the application. Include enough useful information on your profile related to your experience and expertise (i.e. your resume, projects you’ve worked on, education, etc.) Do not include your contact information, as profiles and related documents are searchable by all registrants.
3.  Wait for notification of approval by ASCE within 7 days. Once approved, your mentor profile is searchable to all protégés registered with eCareerMentor.

Having trouble applying? Refer to our eCareerMentor Getting Started Guide. If you’re still having trouble, contact us.

Respond to Engagement Requests

Once a protégé requests a mentoring engagement with you, you will receive an email notifying you of the request. Mentors are expected to respond to engagement requests within 7 days. To manage your requests, log in to your dashboard.

If you have issues applying or responding to requests, please contact us.

Mentoring Tips

As a mentor, you have the primary responsibility of engaging protégés in conversations that promote growth and build trust. Here are some tips to creating a successful mentoring relationship:

  • Be realistic and set realistic expectations. Consider how much time you truly have available to foster a mentoring relationship.
  • Share your personal experiences and be open to dialog. Talk about your career path, share professional challenges, and ask open-ended questions to encourage conversation.
  • Be responsive and create an effective communication plan. Regular communication is key to a successful mentoring relationship.
  • Offer positive reinforcement. Feel free to give advice, but share your opinions in a constructive and encouraging manner.