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What Is Civil Engineering?


Civil engineering is the design and maintenance of public works such as roads, bridges, water and energy systems as well as public facilities like ports, railways and airports. 


  Portland, OR 
    Portland, Oregon                                                                                               

Civil engineers touch many aspects of our everyday lives. From the water you use to brush your teeth in the morning to the road you drive on to work and the school where you take your children to the power that charges your cell phone. 


Civil engineers design and build the systems that bring us water and power. 

Rotor installation on Hartwell Dam   Hartwell Dam 2 
Rotor installation at the Hartwell Dam (left). The Hartwell Dam (right)          
Images courtesy USACE 

They build the infrastructure within our national parks.

Grand canyon construction  Grand Canyon Rim Trail 
Grand Canyon National Park                                         
Images courtesy of the National Park Service 

Civil engineers build mass transit. 

Tunnel digging in progress  Metro train 

New Metro tunnel construction in Tyson's Corner outside Washington, D.C.(left); Metro train (right)
Images courtesy VDOT