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A Younger Member's Perspective: Younger Members Attend More Student Conferences

San Diego YMF Hosts "Minute-to-Win-it" Style Challenges

By Jennifer Barrett, P.E., M. ASCE

Pacific Southwest Games 1On April 4th, 2014 San Diego YMF hosted the Impromptu event for the Pacific Southwest Region Conference (PSWC) hosted by ASCE San Diego State University at Mission Bay. 16 volunteers from YMF planned and organized the event, which was a relay race consisting of various “Minute-to-Win-It” style challenges. The students were in groups of 4, and had to work as a team to complete the challenges and race to finish in the shortest amount of time. Team members were also required to wear appropriate PPE, and pass it off to each team member, to add to the challenge. Pacific Southwest Games 2Some of the various challenges were: stacking 2 golf balls on top of each other, using a yo-yo tied around the waist to knock soda cans off of cardboard boxes, and shaking a Kleenex box full of ping pong balls tied around the waist to empty. Needless to say, the game provided a lot of laughs! The students and volunteers alike enjoyed themselves, and it was a great introduction for students to show how much fun being a part of YMF can be.

Buffalo and Syracuse Sections hold BBQ

By Kip Wittchen, EI, A.M. ASCE and Cidney Jones, EIT, A.M. ASCE

Upstate NY BBQOn Friday evening at the Upstate New York student conference, members from the Buffalo Section and Syracuse Section of ASCE held a BBQ at the conference hotel and invited all the students to attend. The BBQ was well attended by students from multiple student chapters including, including students from Syracuse University, Clarkson University, SUNY Canton, University of Buffalo and a school in Canada. It is estimated that over 70 students attended. Upstate NY BBQ 2There was Kan Jam, music, burgers, chili, hot dogs, pizza, pop, and lots of fun. The event began when the competition ended around 5:00 pm until the mystery event at the conference began at 7pm. Even after most students cleared out to attend the event, some stayed to help clean up and play Kan Jam with the YM members.