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About AEI

The Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) is the home for all professionals in the building industry. We provide a multi-disciplinary national forum for members but not limited to the architectural engineering, structural, mechanical, electrical, and architectural communities. Recognizing the necessity for a place to examine issues and exchange views and information with one another, AEI was established in 1998. AEI works to facilitate the crucial communication among members of the building team, both on a technical basis and in the professional arena. In addition, we strive to be the premier organization for: timely quality technical literature, professional advocacy, and educational opportunities.


To serve the building community by promoting an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to planning, design, construction and operation of buildings and by encouraging excellence in practice, education and research of architectural engineering.


AEI: The global leader of choice for the development and operation of buildings.

Organizational Structure

AEI is led by a Board of Governors, 10 administrative committees, and 11 technical committees. Administrative committees and subcommittees address topics like education, professional issues, and publications. The technical committees and subcommittees strive to address emerging issues that affect the Architectural Engineering community like the mitigation of effects of terrorism, building commissioning, and architectural systems. 

Learn more about AEI's Organizational Structure, and its committeesDownload the AEI Brochure.

How AEI Has Contributed To The Profession

The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) has offered the Principles and Practice of Engineering Examination — Architectural for the several years now.  Based on the responses submitted to the exam development subcommittee, the exam has been well received.

  Architecture vs. AE

Best of Both Worlds

 Architecture vs AE  Best of Both Worlds
 AE focuses around how a building works while architecture focuses around how a building looks.

 We study & practice the best of both worlds, learning both art & engineering.


 Engineering Overlaps

 Engineering Overlaps

 AE relates to building engineering while Civil, Mechanical, & Electrical Engineering cover a wide range of topics.