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Books and Journals


The following books, which include committee reports, conference proceedings, and Manuals of Practice (MOP) focus on issues related to architectural engineering; many of them were prepared by AEI committees. curtainwalls_cvr

Curtain Wall Systems:  A Primer

Prepared by the Committee on Curtain Wall Systems of the Architectural Engineering Institute of ASCE.

Curtain Wall Systems: A Primer provides a comprehensive introduction to the use of curtain wall systems in building envelopes. Today’s curtain wall systems go beyond the basic functions of providing natural lighting and protecting the building interior from the external environment. These systems now are expected to conserve energy and ensure occupant comfort by controlling heat flow and solar radiation. Moreover, curtain wall systems must be designed for acceptable performance under natural disasters and human-made hazards. The design, fabrication, construction, and maintenance of advanced and efficient curtain wall systems demand the involvement of professionals from several fields of engineering and building technology.

The book may be ordered by calling 1-800-548-2723 or online at: Curtain Wall Systems: A Primer.

Principles and Practice of Engineering   ae-pe-exam-guide1

Architectural Engineering Sample Questions and Solutions, Second Edition  

Topics include: 

  • Licensing Requirements
  • Description of Examinations
  • Examination Development
  • Scoring Procedures
  • Examination Procedures and Instructions


The Journal of Architectural Engineering is an international journal which features articles representing the major subdisciplines of architectural engineering: acoustics, construction, lighting and daylighting, mechanical engineering and systems, and structures.

Conference Proceedings and other publications

An interactive, full-text database that brings to you the latest developments in the practical application of civil engineering research.