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The Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) is the only organization that brings together architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers and the architectural community to find new ways to make buildings better. Established in 1998, AEI provides a forum to examine issues, exchange views, and facilitate crucial communication among members of the building team, both on a technical basis and in the professional arena. AEI is the premier organization for architectural engineering, providing its more than 8,000 members timely technical information, professional advocacy, continuing education, and opportunities to excel in their careers.

Join AEI today and seize the opportunity to:                 AEI Conference Attendees

  • Receive significant discounts on AEI publications and register at member rates for conferences and seminars
  • Acquire leadership experience through active committee participation and conferences
  • Gain a well rounded view of how buildings go together – from drawings and documents to final project delivery – and key insights into working more effectively with all members of the project team
  • Network with leaders and innovators at the forefront of architectural engineering

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