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Annual Report

The AEI Student Chapter Annual Report can serve as a valuable tool for current and future officers for use in planning and improving the organization. Contact information, detailed summaries of activities and events for the past year, and a statement and assessment of goals will help new officers as they prepare to take on their roles. A summary and evaluation of the organization‟s activities will help future officers to plan activities and develop achievable goals. Continuity from year to year is a key element for any successful AEI Student Chapter.

The report shall include the following to qualify:

  • A summary statement of the meetings which were held during the preceding calendar year, giving the date of each, the attendance, the principal speaker and subject, and other pertinent information; and
  • Names of the officers and the members by class as of the end of the preceding calendar year.

The Committee on AEI Student Activities (CAEISA) reviews all Annual Reports it receives and uses the information to make program improvements and nominate chapters for various AEI awards. 

Click here to download the PDF which includes all the instructions and forms needed for the for AEI Student Chapter Annual Report.