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President's Message

Mark McAfee, P.E., M.AEI MarkMcAfee-pic2     

It is an honor for me to be able to serve as President of the Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) of ASCEfor 2013-2014.  I would like to thank Ali Memari for his service and commitment to AEI in his year as President of AEI during 2012-2013.  Ali provided great leadership and organization during his term as President and I look forward to his guidance and support in the next year.  I would also like to express my gratitude to the AEI Board of Governors (BOG) for their effort and service this past year and I look forward to working with them this coming year.  I would also like to thank AEI Manager Carol Kurlancheek and AEI Administrator Verna Jameson for all of their hard work that they have done for the AEI BOG and its membership.  Carol is relatively new to AEI and Verna has been with AEI for several years.  Please contact AEI staff with any questions or needs regarding AEI and they will be happy to provide you with information on AEI committees and activities.  

AEI has recently increased its BOG membership from seven to nine to better represent the architectural engineering profession.  As you may know, AEI represents an integrated and multi-disciplinary field for people involved in the planning, design, construction, operation, education, and research related to the building industry.  The BOG felt that by increasing its membership to nine, the BOG would be able to better represent the discipline areas associated with the building industry and provide better representation across the country and a better balance between practice and education.

Planning is actively ongoing for the AEI National Student Conference in 2014 and the AEI Professional Conference in 2015.  The 2014 AEI National Student Conference will be hosted by Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the 2015 AEI Professional Conference will be hosted by Milwaukee School of Engineering in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  You can find out more information and details on both of the conferences on AEI’s website.

One of the highlights of AEI each year is the Architectural Engineering Student Design Competition.  This design competition has become very competitive and has had great interest and participation amongst the students at the universities with architectural engineering programs.  In 2013, AEI created the annual Professional Project Awards Program to allow practicing professionals to be able to participate and receive recognition in a design project awards competition which mirrors the goals of the student design competition.  AEI is very excited about the annual design competition and awards program.  Information about both of these programs can be found on the AEI website and the winners of the 2014 programs will be announced at the 2014 AEI National Student Conference in Philadelphia.

AEI has always had a good and close relationship with the universities with architectural engineering programs and it is the goal of the BOG to continue and expand the relationship.  Each university with an architectural engineering program has a representative on the Academic Council and the BOG and the Academic Council annually meet together at the National Student Conference or the Professional Conference to exchange ideas and goals.  It is the goal of the BOG to expand the communication and interaction with the Academic Council to ensure that AEI provides the needed support and assistance to the architectural engineering programs at each university.

The BOG has recently created the AEI Executive Council to provide executive industry leadership for AEI by fostering synergies between the industry leaders, academic institutions, and the students of the architectural engineering programs.  The BOG meets annually with the Executive Council at the AEI Student or Professional Conference to discuss and exchange ideas to better serve and promote the architectural engineering profession.  The Executive Council also provides sponsorship to help fund the Student Design Competition.

AEI is working to establish more AEI local chapters to provide opportunities for local interaction with other AEI members.  Currently, there are two local chapters, one in Omaha, Nebraska, and one in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  The local chapters allow members to meet socially, attend lectures, seminars, workshop, and network.  The BOG encourages members in larger metropolitan areas to consider starting a local chapter.  AEI Staff would welcome the opportunity to discuss this effort with any interested members and to help with the formation of a local chapter. 

Since 2003, AEI has been the sponsoring society responsible for the development and maintenance of the Architectural Engineering Principles and Practice of Engineering Examination (AE PE Exam) which is offered by NCEES to the state licensure boards.  AEI is pleased to be able to participate in the professional engineering licensure process and to help those working in the architectural engineering profession to obtain their P.E. license.  The Architectural Engineering P.E. exam is well recognized and accepted by the state licensure boards.  Currently, 46 of the 55 licensure boards which offer NCEES professional engineering licensure exams provide the Architectural Engineering P.E. exams as one of the PE exams available for candidates to select in their jurisdiction.  Those same 46 of 55 licensure boards will offer a professional engineering licensure to a comity applicant who has obtained licensure in another state by taking the AE PE exam and meeting the licensure requirements and conditions of their state.

AEI has many administrative and technical committees which would welcome your involvement.  You can find more information about the AEI committees on the AEI website and it is my hope that you would find a committee in which you have an interest and that you would become an active member.  AEI provides many avenues to communicate with its membership.  The AEI website provides our members with access to information and details about AEI and announcements about current events.  The AEI bi-monthly e-newsletter, The Team, provides a regular means of communication to our membership.  The Journal of Architectural Engineering provides articles on the integrated and multi-disciplinary topics related to architectural engineering.  AEI is also working on a JAE special section on Housing and Residential Construction.

AEI BOG continues to pursue and initiate ways to better serve the architectural engineering profession and to provide more benefits to our members.  It is my hope that AEI will continue to grow and evolve to better serve the profession.  It is also my hope that you will become more active or continue to remain active, as applicable, so that AEI can better serve you and your chosen profession.  I truly believe that the more active that you are in a committee or organization, the more you get out of the involvement or membership.  I look forward to serving the AEI membership in 2013-2014 and I would encourage the AEI membership to send AEI staff or myself any comments or suggestions on how AEI can better serve the architectural engineering profession.

Mark McAfee, P.E.
President, Architectural Engineering Institute
Dudley Williams & Associates, P.A.
230 Laura, Suite 200
Wichita, Kansas   67211