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Journal of Architectural EngineeringThe Journal of Architectural Engineering provides a multidisciplinary forum for dissemination of practice based information on the engineering and technical issues concerning all aspects of building design. Peer-reviewed papers and case studies will address issues and topics related to buildings, such as planning and financing, analysis and design, construction and maintenance, codes applications and interpretations, conversion and renovation, and preservation.

Journal of Architectural Engineering Articles

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Wind Uplift Performance of Composite Metal Roof Assemblies  A. Baskaran, Ph.D., S. Molleti, Ph.D., S. Ko, M.Eng., and L. Shoemaker, Ph.D. J. Archit. Eng. 18, 2 (2012)

Prediction of Seismic Failure of Silicone Sealant in Two-Sided Structural Sealant Glazing Systems  A. M. Memari, M.ASCE, X. Chen, P. A. Kremer, and R. A. Behr, F.ASCE. (Submitted 24 August 2009;  J. Archit. Eng. 18, 16 (2012)

Analysis and Measurement of Buildability Factors Influencing Rebar Installation Labor Productivity of In Situ Reinforced Concrete Walls Abdulaziz M. Jarkas, Ph.D., P.Eng. J. Archit. Eng. 18, 52 (2012) 

Performance of Helical Disk Ground Anchors for Anchorage of Manufactured Housing Jay H. Crandell, M.ASCE, P.E., R. A. William Zoeller, Mark Nowak, and Mike Blanford. J. Archit. Eng. 17, 125 (2011)

Off-Site Construction in Saudi Arabia: The Way Forward Hani Aburas J. Archit. Eng. 17, 122 (2011)

Modeling System Effects and Structural Load Paths in a Wood-Framed Structure Kenneth G. Martin, Rakesh Gupta, M.ASCE, David O. Prevatt, M.ASCE, Peter L. Datin, and John W. van de Lindt, M.ASCE J. Archit. Eng. 17, 134 (2011)