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The Team - May 2012


ASCE Charles Pankow Foundation Annual Architectural Student Design Competition 2012 Results    

The “Final Five” of Architectural Engineering

Five teams competing to win in five different categories!  The Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) held the finals for the third annual ASCE Charles Pankow Foundation Architectural Engineering Student Competition in conjunction with the AEI National Student Conference in Omaha, Nebraska on April 20 and 21, 2012.
The competition project challenged the student teams to provide a design development submittal for a new Government Office Building with significant building security requirements in Omaha, Nebraska along the
Missouri River.               

The student participants were encouraged to work together in multi-disciplinary teams and consider how the engineered systems work with or enhance the architecture of the building.  Space programming for the building was shown on the schematic plans.  Additionally, the design submittals were required to address the challenge to integrate and optimize on a life cycle basis all major high performance attributes, including energy conservation, environment, and safety, building security, durability, accessibility, cost-benefit, productivity, sustainability, functionality and operational considerations.

The competition winners and their categories are as follows:

For the Building Systems Integration category, Team #4 from Kansas State University,
For the Structural category, Team #1 from the University of Nebraska,
For the Mechanical category, Team #1 from the University of Nebraska,
For the Electrical category, Team #3 from Drexel University,
And for the Construction Management category, Team #4 from Kansas State University.

Learn more.

(Photo: Kansas State University)



2013 AEI Conference
The Pennsylvania State University, April 3- 5, 2013

CALL FOR PAPERS - abstract submission deadline is June 15

Penn State and AE LogosArchitectural Engineering Institute (AEI), in partnership with the Department of Architectural Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University, is pleased to announce the 2013 AEI Conference. The conference will include workshops, technical paper sessions, invited and keynote presentations, panel discussions, and local tours of technical interest.  

The deadline for submitting abstracts is  June 15, 2012 (200-300 word).

Visit the conference website to: Learn more.


2012 Architectural Engineering Exam Committee Workshop
June 14, 15, 2012, Kansas City, MO

The next exam workshop of the Architectural Engineering Exam Committee will be held on the following dates in Kansas City, MO.

Thursday, June 14, 2012, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Friday, June 15, 2012, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

We need licensed professional engineers who practice in the electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, structural engineering and construction management areas of the building design and construction profession.  Learn more.


NCEES seeks professional engineer volunteers
September 14-15, 2012 

NCEES is seeking volunteers who are licensed professional engineers or engineer interns to participate in a standard-setting study for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. To qualify, volunteers must have taken and passed the NCEES FE exam. NCEES especially encourages recent engineer interns and recently licensed professional engineers to volunteer.

Selected volunteers will review and rate the difficulty of items that will be included on the updated FE exam, which will be administered as a computer-based exam beginning in 2014. The volunteers’ responses will help NCEES determine the passing score for the FE exam.

The standard-setting study will take place September 14–15, 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia. Travel and lodging expenses
will be paid by NCEES. Learn more.

To volunteer, complete a short online questionnaire at  


Emerging Leaders Alliance Training Workshop
September 11-13, 2012
Interested in improving your leadership skills? 

 emerging leaders 

ASCE, in conjunction with sister societies (AIME, AIST, SME, SEG, MRS, and SPE), will offer an Emerging Leaders Alliance training workshop in 2012 to provide rising leaders with tools to more effectively lead their organizations and serve our professional community in addressing 21st century needs.  

The workshop will take place on September 11-13, 2012 at the Sheraton Reston Hotel in Reston, Virginia, USA.  ASCE will select at least 7 members to attend.  Click here to apply to participate by June 1, 2012.



ASCEville opens spillway to deeper exploration of civil engineering  


The next time a kid asks, “Civil What?" take them to ASCEville! 

Visitors to ASCEville are now able to explore information about project areas civil engineers work in that will help them better understand how civil engineers find technological solutions to some of the world’s most interesting challenges.  Through exploration of dams, bridges, roads and transportation, water systems, sustainability, and disaster response, kids will learn more about what civil engineers do, and see the big contributions they make to the world around us.  In the dams section, for example, kids learn that dams make modern life possible.  They also learn about different types of dam structures, what materials are used to make dams and how engineers overcome forces of nature to build dams, protect people and harness the power of water. 

Created for kids in grades 3 – 7 ASCEville offers engaging material that is fun, interactive and educational.  While you’re there, check out the sustainability game on the home page and search for 20 sustainable features the show how technology is used to protect the environment, save energy and ensure a safe water supply.

Individual Engineers Save $125 on Live Webinars  

Enhance your knowledge and earn PDHs with ASCE—our Live Webinars provide the latest information from leading experts and allow you to interface with the speaker online. Additionally, as part of our ongoing efforts to increase the value for small firms and individual engineers, ASCE is offering a special discount for members to attend a Live Webinar individually. ASCE Members should register no later than May 31 for any upcoming Live Webinar to save $125 on the registration fee.

Visit to learn more and take advantage of this special offer for quality training and education. ASCE’s Webinars are comprehensive, proven, and delivered by leading experts to meet your needs cost-effectively. (This offer is not valid for groups attending a webinar.)