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Become a Protege

  • For Protégés, mentoring is an invaluable professional development tool.  ASCE's eCareerMentor program provides you with access to expertise outside your immediate professional network. Connect with others and get guidance to reach your career goals.

  • How to Register

    1. Have your ASCE member number available. Not a member? Join today!
    2. Register to become a protégé by completing the protégé registration, including your personal summary.
    3. You are now registered and can begin your mentoring relationship. Follow the steps below to search for and request a mentor.

    Having trouble registering? Refer to our eCareerMentor Getting Started Guide. If you’re still having trouble, please contact us.

    How to Search for and Request a Mentor

    You are in control of your mentor search, you are not automatically matched. If you have not yet requested a mentor, here are the steps to follow:

    1. Log in to your dashboard through the eCareerMentor site. At the bottom of your account page, click on “Find a Mentor.” 
    2. Select search criteria for potential mentors. We suggest selecting only one or two criteria so the requirements aren’t too narrow. If your search returns no results, broaden your search criteria.
    3. Review the profiles of potential mentors. When you find a person you’d like to request as a mentor, click “Request Engagement” and complete the request screen. eCareerMentor will send an engagement request e-mail to the potential mentor.
    4. The mentor reviews your request and responds through eCareerMentor.
    5. Upon receiving the mentor’s eCareerMentor response, coordinate and continue communication via e-mail, phone, etc.  (Note to protégés: This programs permits a maximum of 2 mentors at one time.)

    eCareerMentor is to be used as a tool to connect with a mentor suitable for your goals and needs.

    Once you are connected, it is your responsibility to share contact information with your mentor and continue communication outside of the eCareerMentor platform.

    Getting Started as a Protégé

    For your mentoring experience to be a meaningful one, consider what you want to accomplish through your mentoring endeavor. Here are some questions to ask yourself before seeking out a mentor. You may want to discuss your answers with your mentor.

    •   What are my professional strengths and opportunities for improvement?
    •   What is my current professional situation? Do I like what I am doing and where I am heading?
    •   Where would I like to be in my career 5 years from now?
    •   What skills do I need to improve to match my desired position and roles?
    •   Am I active in professional/community organizations that could further benefit my career and personal growth?

    Looking for additional tips? View our Protege Guide.