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      Anna Lantin, P.E., C.P.E.S.C., CPSWQ,

      is a Vice President with RBF Consulting, a company of Michael Baker Corporation and is focused on stormwater program development, TMDL compliance, BMP research and design.  She has 23 years of engineering experience on stormwater quality management, hydrology, hydraulics, watershed studies, program development, and NPDES permit implementation. She has extensive experience in stormwater management projects including stormwater quality research studies, Best Management Practices (BMP),  Low Impact Development (LID) design, construction oversight, BMP implementation, water quality monitoring, operation and maintenance, and BMP performance data analysis. She is a Trainer of Record on stormwater compliance (State Water Resources Control Board and California Stormwater Quality Association) and Chair of the CASQA BMP Subcommittee.

      Ms. Lantin has experience working with numerous agencies including Federal, State, and local agencies. She is a Professional Civil Engineer in various states, a Professional in Stormwater Quality, Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control and is affiliated/member of American Society of Civil Engineers, California Stormwater Quality Association, and the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies.