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Younger Members Directorate

CI Younger Members Directorate NY Event Planning CommitteeThe CI Younger Members Directorate facilitates the integration of engineers who are new to the construction industry with more experienced CI members, encourages multigenerational dialogue within the construction industry, and provides leadership opportunities for young members with a demonstrated interest in CI.

The Directorate consists of an Executive Committee and four technical and operational committees:  the Conference Committee, the Construction Terms Glossary Committee, the Video Library Committee, the Outreach Committee and the Student Project Challenge Committee (see below for committee descriptions).  The Chair of the Executive Committee serves as a Governor on the Construction Institute Board of Governors.





Executive Committee

Chair: Jackie Borman, P.E., HDR Engineering, Inc., Reno, NV

Vice-Chair: Travis Mohr, Kiewit, Boston, MA

Secretary: Amber Girard, P.E., ARCADIS U.S., Irvine, CA

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee plans and executes events which bring younger members together for networking and leadership training opportunities. The above video was shot at the leadership conference held in New York, NY in 2010.

Chair: Amber Girard, P.E., ARCADIS U.S., Irvine, CA

Construction Terms Glossary Committee

The Construction Terms Glossary Committee has created an ASCE-sanctioned website to familiarize students and younger members new to the construction/design industry with construction terms, slang, and acronyms they might be encountering for the first time.

Chair: Amy Sowitcky, P.E., GHD, Middletown, CT

Video Library Committee

The Video Library Committee is creating and collecting technical videos documenting construction operations to supplement the construction terms glossary. The videos will be available online to help engineers of all ages learn about different construction operations.

The committee is sponsoring a contest for CI younger members to submit your own technical videos. We are seeking videos no more than 6 minutes long, providing an overview of an operation, as well as any specific design, safety, or quality considerations. Submit your video online today! Prizes will be awarded to the best videos.

Chair: Travis Mohr, Kiewit, Boston, MA

Student Project Challenge Committee

The Student Project Challenge Committee plans and executes CI’s annual Student Days event, which includes a construction project team competition.

Co-Chairs: Nikki Koran, EIT, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Honolulu, HI and Greg Moore, Richard Brady & Associates, Beaufort, SC

Outreach Committee

This committee focuses on reaching out to early-career engineers in the construction industry through CI's communications vehicles, along with social media and other platforms.

Chair: Chris Hermreck, P.E., LEED® AP, JE Dunn Construction, Kansas City, MO