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CI Conference Proceedings

These conference proceedings focus on issues related to Construction Industry; many of the conferences were sponsored by CI.

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Edited by Robert T. Ratay
This collection contains five papers presented at  a session at the ASCE National Convention, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 5-8, 1997.
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Edited by C. William Ibbs

This collection contains 73 papers presented at the Construction Congress, held in San Diego, California, October 22-26, 1995.

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Edited by Herbert Kdappperich, Rudolf Pöttler, and Jacques Willocq
This collection contains 33 papers presented at the Seventh International Shotcrete for Underground Support Conference, held in Telfs, Austria, June 11-15, 1995.
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Edited by Michael W. Grutzeck and Shondeep L. Sarkar

This collection contains 43 papers on the use of cement and concrete presented at of an Engineering Foundation Conference, held in Durham, New Hampshire, July 24-29, 1994.

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Edited by David Darwin and C. Dale Buckner
This collection contains papers presented at Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete II conference, held in Potosi, Missouri, June 14-19, 1992.
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Edited by C. Dale Buckner and Ivan M. Viest

This collection contains 63 papers presented at the First International Conference on Composite Construction, held in Henniker, New Hampshire, June 7-12, 1987.

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Edited by Garold D. Oberlender
This collection contains 15 papers and summaries of seven sessions on the field utilization of earthmoving and heavy equipment presented at a specialty conference on earthmoving and heavy equipment, held in Tempe, Arizona, February 5-7, 1986.
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Edited by Charles W. Roeder

This collection contains 31 papers on composite or mixed structural systems presented at the U.S./Japan Joint Seminar, held in Seattle, Washington, July 18-20, 1984.

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