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About Construction Institute

About CI


The Construction Institute is the first national organization designed to meet the needs of all individuals working within the construction industry. The Construction Institute is fully inclusive, with active membership available to construction industry practitioners from all occupational and educational backgrounds. CI offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to network with other professionals, sharpen skills and shape the future of the industry by participating in technical activities, conferences and the development of internationally recognized standards.



To be the leader for promoting excellence in construction.


To bring together all stakeholders to advance and improve the construction industry.


  1. Excellence in the identification, development and delivery of quality programs, services and products that meet the needs of its members and their organizations
  2. Leadership in significant construction-related issues
  3. Communication that is timely and effective, providing a neutral forum for open exchange of ideas
  4. Collaboration for action on critical issues
  5. Fiscal responsibility in effectively providing and managing human and financial resources
  6. Action that is timely and strategic


Goal I: Become the relationship "hub" within the engineering and construction industries.
Goal II: Improve the state of construction practice through the development of knowledge and transfer of technology throughout the industry.
Goal III: Improve the image of the construction industry to attract talent to the industry.

CI YM Professional Development WorkshopThe Construction Institute provides for members:

  • An atmosphere fostering cooperative relationships between owners, engineers, and contractors
  • Cooperative relationships with other associations
  • Technical and business information
  • Networking opportunities
  • Efficient practical training
  • Prestige, including awards
  • Representation

CI Student Days Rinker TourThe Institute has seven standing committees, called Directorates:

  • Construction - Persons working for constructors.
  • Owners - Persons working for the entities that contract for construction work. These include both public agencies and private companies.
  • Engineering - Persons who work for companies that provide design and construction engineering services such as engineering, engineering management, quality control, and inspection services.
  • Materials - Persons who work for companies that provide materials and related technical services to the construction industry such as material testing and products including metals, concrete, synthetics, composites, aggregates, etc.
  • Services - Construction attorneys, accountants, bankers and those providing insurance and bonding services.
  • Education and Research - Persons who are involved in education and/or research and development.
  • Younger Members - Persons who have limited experience in the construction industry.

CI identifies a leader in the industry to chair each Directorate and serve on the board. The Chair is charged with developing a core standing committee and identifying initiatives within its sector. Continuing active Construction and Materials Division committees continue to exist under this structure.