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CI Local Events

CI Digital Project Delivery Open Committee Meeting

Date: Monday, January 13, 2014
Time: 5:30 - 7:30pm

Function Name: CI Digital Project Delivery Committee Meeting @ Jackson Room, Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC
Committee Contact: Danny L. Kahler, PE
CI Contact: Katerina Lachinova

Why is ASCE-CI creating this new committee?

The delivery of projects in the built environment is rapidly moving from analog to digital. However, civil engineering practice methods are still stuck in the days of ink and mylar. Most organizations are primarily focused on the technologies such as BIM, BrIM, CIM, VDC, AMG, etc, but few if any are focusing on the fundamental change in practice philosophies that are needed to carefully and diligently use these technologies in everyday practice. The exception is the Institution of Civil Engineers in the UK, which is already making the shift from focusing on the technologies themselves to focusing on how the civil engineer practitioner will make practical use of these technologies within real organizations.

What are the anticipated goals of the committee?

The committee will bring in concepts from systems engineering and quality management to concentrate on the downstream consumer of civil engineering information as a direct user of digital design and construction data. Instead of trying to come up with schemas and standards that few will bother using, or even read about, it will focus on what the stakeholders in the project delivery process really need out of digital information, and what issues are at play that keep inefficient and costly legacy analog process in place within organizations.

Who needs to participate in this meeting?

The committee needs innovative contractors who have experience building projects from digital data, highly creative civil engineers who are experienced with delivering digital design data to construction, forward-thinking owners who are seriously contemplating a modernization to their own policies and procedures to allow these digital practices to flourish, and pragmatic academics who have performed actual process analysis in the field about how digital data flows through a project. It will also need stakeholders from other ASCE Institutes who are more interested in addressing the fundamental issues of digital practice than the latest popular technology. The products of the committee will be timely practice papers and position statements that address the most fundamental and relevant issues in digital project delivery, rather than technical standards that quickly go obsolete in the changing technology landscape.

The committee presented a session at the 2013 CI Summit in Dallas, Texas: