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Civil Engineering Salaries

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    ASCE gathered data from 5,868 Society members in 2017 to create a snapshot of the current and long-term trends related to compensation and benefits in the US civil engineering industry. Find out what civil engineers are actually paid in the US and if you are getting paid what you are worth.

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    ASCE professional members receive 2 free data uses . Additional data uses may be purchased via the following products.

    CE Salary Report 2017 - cover Salary Report Bundle

    Engineering managers and human resource professionals will determine the most effective compensation strategy to attract and retain talented engineers. The Salary Report Bundle offers 1 year (from date of purchase) of unlimited access to both reporting tools, as well as the full report in ebook format.

    Price: Member $399 | Non-member $699

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    Limited Use Data

    Purchase 20 data uses, which may be used on the Salary Calculator and/or the Searchable Survey Data tool, in any combination. (Valid for 1 year from date of purchase.)

    Price: Member $99 | Non-member $299

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    Student Member Benefit

    Median Entry-level Salary graphic - small ASCE Student Members receive free entry-level salaries for civil engineers by region. 
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    Salary Calculator

    Calculator on red circle background The Salary Calculator generates customized reports using sophisticated regression modeling and data directly extracted from the 2017 ASCE Salary Survey. Users input specific criteria and an algorithm produces customized salary results.*

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    Searchable Survey Data

    The Searchable Survey Data tool allows you to create customized aggregations of the survey results. Users select general criteria which filters results.*

    * ASCE professional members get 2 free data uses of the Salary Calculator and/or the Searchable Survey Data.

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    Introducing the Salary Report

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    Calendar icon - square The 2018 Salary Survey will be open for participants starting in February 2018, for a limited time.

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