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ASCE OTC Hall of Fame Awards

  • The ASCE OTC Hall of Fame Gala takes place annually on Tuesday evening during the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, TX. 

    Please join us May 2, 2017 as we recognize extraordinary papers submitted to previous OTCs. These papers form the core of current practice throughout the world, and have had a lasting impact on the profession.


    Sponsorship of the Hall of Fame is essential to its continued success, and ASCE and COPRI appreciate your generous support. With your contribution, the Hall of Fame Awards Committee is able to publish the Commemorative Edition of papers, host a wonderful evening for the honorees, and celebrate their lasting impact on the offshore industry.

    We hope your company will consider sponsoring the Gala in 2017. Please contact Sean Scully by email or at 703-295-6154 for more information. 


    We hope that you will join us for the Gala and help your offshore engineering colleagues celebrate their important contributions to the field. Awardees will be announced in early 2017.  

    Tickets and tables are available for purchase online. The cocktail reception begins at 6:30 p.m. and dinner begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Petroleum Club, located at 1201 Louisiana St, 35th Floor Houston, TX 77002.

    Valet parking is available at the venue and validations are issued following the event. Please contact  Angie Lander by email or at 703-295-6370 with any questions.

    2016 SPONSORS

    Thank you to our Sponsors from the ASCE OTC Hall of Fame in 2016:

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    2016 AWARDEES

    The following authors and papers were recognized at the previous Hall of Fame:

    • Paper 6541 (1991) G.Z. Forristall, R.D. Larabee, and R.S. Mercier. Combined Metocean Criteria for Deepwater Structures in the Gulf of Mexico
    • Paper 7157 (1993) J.H. Pelletier, J.D. Murff, and A.G. Young. Historical Development and Assessment of the Current API Methods for Axially Loaded Pipes
    • Paper 7237 (1993) E. Huse. Interaction in Deep-Sea Riser Arrays.
    • Paper 7482 (1994) W.F. Krieger, H. Bannon, J.R. Lloyd, R.S. De, K.A. Digre, D. Nair, J.T. Irick, and S.J. Guynes. Process for Assessment of Existing Platforms to Determine their Fitness for Purpose.
    • Paper 7484 (1994) C. Petrauskas, T.D. Finnigan, J.C. Heideman, M. Vogel, M. Santala, and G.P. Berek. Metocean Criteria/Loads for Use in Assessment of Existing Offshore Platforms.
    • Paper 7988 (1996) H.H. Roberts, E.H. Doyle, J.R. Booth, B.J. Clark, M.J. Kaluza, and A. Harsook. 3D-Seismic Amplitude Analysis of the Sea Floor: An Important Interpretive Method for Improved Geohazards Evaluations.
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