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  • Photos from Race Day - 2016

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    (all photos AP Images for American Society of Civil Engineers)

    University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

    • Buffalo, SUNY women 2016Women's
    • Buffalo, SUNY men 2016Men's

    University of California, Los Angeles

    • UCLA women 2016Women's
    • UCLA men 2016Men's
    • UCLA coed paddlers 2016Coed

    The Citadel

    • The Citadel women 2016Women's
    • The Citadel 2016Team

    École de technologie supérieure

    • ETS women 2016Women's
    • ETS men 2016Men's
    • ETS coed 2016Coed

    Fairmont State University

    • Fairmont State women 2016Women's
    • Fairmont State men 2016Men's
    • Fairmont State coed 2016Coed

    University of Florida

    • Florida women 2016Women's
    • Florida men 2016Men's
    • Florida coed 2016Coed

    Université Laval

    • Laval women 2016Women's
    • Laval men 2016Men's
    • Laval Coed 2016Coed

    University of Maryland

    • Maryland women 2016Women's
    • Maryland men 2016Men's
    • Maryland Coed 2016Coed

    McNeese State University

    • McNeese Women 2016Women's
    • McNeese Men 2016Men's
    • McNeese men 2016 (2)Swimming it home

    Michigan Technological University

    • Michigan Tech women(2) 2016Women's
    • Michigan Tech men 2016Men's
    • Michigan Tech coed 2016Coed

    University of Nevada - Reno

    • UN Reno women 2016Women's
    • UN Reno men 2016Men's

    New York University Tandon School of Engineering

    • NYU women 2016Women's
    • NYU men 2016Men's

    University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

    • Puerto Rico women 2016Women's
    • Puerto Rico men 2016Men's
    • Puerto Rico coed 2016Coed

    South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

    • SD Mines women 2016Women's
    • SD Mines men 2016Men's
    • SD Mines coed 2016Coed

    Southern Illinois University Carbondale

    • SIU Carbondale women 2016Women's
    • SIU Carbondale men 2016Men's
    • SIU Carbondale coed 2016Coed

    University of Texas at Austin

    • UT Austin women 2016Women's
    • UT Austin men 2016 (2)Men's
    • UT Austin coed 2016Coed

    University of Texas at Tyler

    • UT Tyler women 2016Women's
    • UT Tyler men 2016Men's
    • UT Tyler coed 2016Coed

    University of Washington

    • Washington men 2016Women's
    • University of washington men 2016Men's
    • Washington coed 2016Coed

    Western Kentucky University

    • Western Kentucky women 2016Women's
    • Western Kentucky men 2016Men's 
    • Western Kentucky coed 2016Coed

    University of Wisconsin - Madison

    • UW Madison women 2016Women's
    • UW Madison men 2016Men's 
    • UW Madison coed 2016Coed

    University of Wisconsin - Platteville

    • UW Platteville women 2016Women's
    • UW Platteville men 2016Men's

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