Why build a canoe out of concrete?

It’s in our sidewalks, the foundations of our homes and in buildings, bridges, roads and dams around the world. While concrete has become the most widely used building material in the world, it remains a mystery to many. However, the use of concrete in floating vessels is not new. In fact, the history of concrete boat building dates back to 1848, when Joseph Louis Lambot built thin-walled reinforced concrete boats for use at his estate in Miraval, France. Concrete was also used to build barges during World War II to replace scarce steel supplies.

Present Day Competition

Teams of engineering students gather for a weekend designed to be both challenging and fun. Twenty-five percent of each team's total team score is based on the engineering design and construction principles used in the creation of their concrete canoe; 25 percent will be based on a technical design report detailing the planning, development, testing and construction of their canoe; and 25 percent will be based on a formal business presentation highlighting the canoe's design, construction, racing ability and other innovative features. The remaining 25 percent of each team's score is based on the performance of the canoe and the paddlers in five different race events: men's and women's slalom/endurance races, and men's, women's and co-ed sprint races.

About the Competition

Why have a Concrete Canoe Competition?

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