Why have a Concrete Canoe Competition?

The Concrete Canoe Competition was designed to provide civil engineering students an opportunity to gain hands-on, practical experience and leadership skills by working with concrete mix designs and project management. Organizers, sponsors and participants are dedicated to building awareness of concrete technology and application, as well as the versatility and durability of concrete as a construction material, among civil engineering students, educators, practitioners, the concrete industry and the general public. They also strive to increase awareness among industry leaders, opinion makers and the general public of civil engineering as a dynamic and innovative profession essential to society. In its 24-year history, the National Concrete Canoe Competition has challenged the knowledge, creativity and stamina of more than 480 teams and 6000 students. In 2010, more than 160 teams competed in 18 conference competitions to qualify for participation at the national level.

Each year the competition travels to a different school. National sponsors of the NCCC underwrite the expenses for travel, meals and accommodations for the first-place winners of the conference competitions, as well as any teams who placed second in conference competitions in which the winner placed first through fifth in the previous year’s national competition.

Why build a canoe out of concrete? 

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