National Qualifying Teams

Clemson 2013 Seuss Mississippi State 2013  
School: Clemson University School: Mississippi State University 
Conference: Carolinas Conference: Deep South
Canoe Name: Seuss Canoe Name: Dawgy Paddle 
Canoe Color(s): White with Seuss illustrations Canoe Color(s): Sand and blue 
Dimensions: 19' 6", 195 lbs. Dimensions: 20', 275 lbs.
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 2013 University of Evansville 2013
School: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign School: University of Evansville
Conference: Great Lakes Conference: Great Lakes
Canoe Name: Vincere Canoe Name: Palus
Canoe Color(s): Black and white with colored graphics Canoe Color(s): Gray and black
Dimensions: 20', 244 lbs. Dimensions: 19' 11", 216 lbs.

New Jersey Institute of Tech 2013
 University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown 2013
School: New Jersey Institute of Technology School: University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Conference: Metropolitan Conference: Mid-Atlantic
Canoe Name:   Black Bear Canoe Name:   Phantom
Canoe Color(s):   Red, white, blue and black Canoe Color(s):   Black and white
Dimensions: 20' 1", 275 lbs. Dimensions: 18', 206 lbs.
University of Oklahoma 2013   University of Wisconsin -- Platteville 2013
School: University of Oklahoma School:   University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Conference: Mid-Continent Conference: Midwest
Canoe Name: Unearthed Canoe Name: Thee Eliminator
Canoe Color(s): White, black and red Canoe Color(s): Tan, gray and orange
Dimensions: 19' 6", 195 lbs. Dimensions: 19' 4", 164 lbs.
California State University Sacramento 2013 University of Nevada Reno 2013
School: California State University, Sacramento School: University of Nevada, Reno
Conference: Mid-Pacific Conference: Mid-Pacific
Canoe Name: Imperium Canoe Name: Dambitious
Canoe Color(s): Green Canoe Color(s): White, navy, light blue, green, brown and purple
Dimensions: 20' 7", 190 lb.s Dimensions: 21' 10", 140 lbs.
UMass Lowell 2013 MTU 2013
School: University of Massachusetts Lowell School: Michigan Technological University
Conference: New England      Conference: North Central
Canoe Name: Moswetuset Canoe Name: Meseket
Canoe Color(s): White and tan Canoe Color(s): Brown, green, blue, white and black
Dimensions: 19' 8", 132 lbs. Dimensions: 20', 220 lbs.
Ohio Northern 2013 Youngstown State 2013
School:   Ohio Northern University   School:   Youngstown State University 
Conference: North Central Conference: Ohio Valley 
Canoe Name: Klondike's Revenge   Canoe Name: Tesla
Canoe Color(s): Brown with wood grain staining Canoe Color(s): Black and white with colored graphics
Dimensions: 20', 270 lbs. Dimensions: 20', 150 lbs.
University of Washington 2013

Cal Poly SLO 2013
School: University of Washington School: California Polytechnic State University,
San Luis Obispo
Conference: Pacific Northwest Conference: Pacific Southwest
Canoe Name: Undammed Canoe Name: Sentinel
Canoe Color(s): Blue, purple and gold Canoe Color(s): Tan
Dimensions: 21' 6", 191 lbs. Dimensions: 19' 9", 159 lbs.

Cal Poly Pomona 2013  

Utah State University 2013  
School: California State Polytechnic University,
School: Utah State University
Conference: Pacific Southwest Conference: Rocky Mountain
Canoe Name: Palomares Canoe Name: Canoebis
Canoe Color(s): Tan Canoe Color(s): Tan
Dimensions: 18', 180 lbs. Dimensions: 18' 6", 124 lbs.
University of Florida 2013 University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez 2013
School: University of Florida School: University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
Conference: Southeast Conference: Southeast
Canoe Name: ConquistaGator Canoe Name: Pyxis
Canoe Color(s): Brown, blue, tan Canoe Color(s): Black and blue
Dimensions: 21' 9", 160 lbs. Dimensions: 19', 265 lbs.
University of Texas at Tyler 2013 École de technologie supérieure 2013
School: University of Texas at Tyler School: École de technologie supérieure
Conference: Texas-Mexico Conference: Upstate New York
Canoe Name:   Chip Shot Canoe Name: Savannah
Canoe Color(s): White, black, green, blue Canoe Color(s): Black, brown, orange, red and yellow
Dimensions: 20' 2", 244 lbs. Dimensions: 20', 165 lbs.
Fairmont State 2013  
School: Fairmont State University    
Conference: Virginias    
Canoe Name: The Enforcer    
Canoe Color(s): Black and blue    
Dimensions: 17" 6.5', 135 lbs.