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  • Upcoming webinars

    ASCE Risk Management for Engineers

    Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2015
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    This presentation is geared toward not only engineers but also those engineers with professional liability insurance policies issued by Underwriters via the ASCE program. Accordingly, this presentation will provide information and guidance regarding risk management not only from the perspective of a defense attorney who directly defends engineers in the various claims brought against them but also from the perspective of an attorney who acts as coverage and monitoring counsel for various insurance carriers with respect to professional liability claims brought against engineers and reported to their insurance carriers.  Thus, this is a unique opportunity to learn about the best practices to help engineers in avoiding claims as well as the best practices with respect to the handling of claims and potential claims in the inevitable event that they should arise. 
    Presented by Sarah A. Johnson, Esq.

    Long Term Care Insurance - What you Need to Know! 

    Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2015      
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    Have you thought about your long-term care needs lately? It’s impossible to know if or when an illness or accident will necessitate extended care. And that’s why now, while you’re healthy, is the best time to put a Long Term Care plan in place. This insurance helps pay for extended care expenses and could save you thousands of dollars. Through your membership with the American Society of Civil Engineers and its partnership with Long-Term Care Resources, you, your spouse/domestic partner, parents, and adult children have access to an extensive list of long-term care plan choices customized to meet your needs. Plans through ASCE are available from multiple highly rated insurance carriers. Plus, you can trust you’re getting quality benefits and special discounted rates because this coverage is available exclusively to ASCE members. Learn more about Long-Term Care Insurance and the advantages of having this coverage during a free, 45-minute webinar hosted by ASCE. This webinar is available only to ASCE members, and you’ll even have an opportunity to ask our insurance experts questions. We want you to leave this webinar feeling more informed, knowing the features of this insurance and how your ASCE membership can benefit you. 
    Presented by: Sharon Harman, Pearl Insurance Vice President of Affinity Client Relations and Mark Kirby, Senior Long-term Care Insurance Specialist with Long-Term Care Resources

    Strategies for Including Principles of Sustainability in Civil Engineering Design   

    Date: Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015  
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    If you are a civil engineering faculty member or administrator interested in learning “how to” meet the new ABET Civil Engineering Program Criteria to include the principles of sustainability in civil engineering design, this free ASCE eLearning webinar is for you. Attendees will gain a knowledge of some different ways a program could meet the new program criteria. They will also learn about extensive resources that ASCE has and will have that could be used in teaching about sustainability in civil engineering design. 
    Presented by: Liv Haselbach, Yvette Weatherton, J.P. Mohsen, and Cliff Davidson

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