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2014 ASCE OTC Hall of Fame Gala


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The 9th annual Gala Dinner was held Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at the Petroleum Club in Houston, TX. We honored the six outstanding Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) papers below. The honorees in attendance included: R. Brad Campbell, J. Dewaine Bogard, Peter W. Marshall, Bob Gilbert, Marvin Peterson, Frans Kopp, Richard Swanson, Don Allen, and Carl Langner. Bernadette Tang attended on behalf of Wilson Tang, and Doug Fairchild attended on behalf of Tiny Von Rosenberg. 

Preceding dinner, 5 ACOPNE Diplomates were inducted into the Academy. Andrew H. Cairns (COPRI Vice President), G. Abdel Ghoneim, Ngok Lai, Abbas Sarmad, and Bil Stewart (COPRI Marine Renewable Energy Chair). Billy Edge, Jim Dailey and Jane M. Smith conducted the awards ceremony. 

ASCE and COPRI would like to thank the all sponsors of the Hall of Fame for making the evening and the awards ceremony a success.

2014 Honored Papers

  • OTC Paper 6174 (1989). B.L Grundmeier, R.B Campbell and B.D Wesselink. A Solution for Wind Induced Vortex Shedding Vibration of the Harmony and Heritage Platforms during Transpacific Tow.
  • OTC Paper 6376 (1990). J. D. Bogard and H. Matlock. Application of Model Pile Test Results to Axial Pile Design.
  • OTC Paper 6387 (1990) P. W. Marshall, J.W.Post, R.E. Frischmuth, J.L. Grover. Advanced Fracture Control Procedures for Deepwater Platforms and Compliant Towers.
  • OTC Paper 7196 (1993). W. H. Tang and R. B. Gilbert. Case Study of Offshore Pile System Reliability.
  • OTC Paper 7495 (1994). M. L. Peterson and E. L. von Rosenberg. Offshore Platform Steel Specification.
  • OTC Paper 7620 (1994). E.H. Phifer, Frans Kopp, R.C. Swanson, D.W. Allen, C.G. Langner. Design and Installation of Auger Steel Catenary Risers.

Offshore Technology Conference

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Since its inception, the OTC has provided the industry with outstanding papers that have shaped our world. Many of these papers offer innovation, vision, direction and lasting impact on design, construction or installation within the offshore industry.

Founded in 1969, the Offshore Technology Conference is the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. OTC is held annually at Reliant Park in Houston.