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2011 Project Excellence Awards Announced

COPRI is pleased to announce the 2011 Project Excellence Award recipients: Bellingham Marine Industries, Inc. in partnership with Redpoint Structures, and Ocean and Coastal Consultants. Congratulations to these companies for submitting two outstanding projects.

Large Project

2011 PEA - Bellingham Location
St. Paul Island project site (photo courtesy
of Bellingham Marine)


The PEA Large Project was awarded to Bellingham Marine & Redpoint Structures for the St. Paul Small Boat Harbor project, St. Paul Island, Alaska for the (project owner) Central Bering Sea Fisherman's Association (CBSFA).

The project involved building a functioning harbor to support a local fishing fleet, able to withstand harsh environmental conditions with a long service life and limited maintenance.  

The judges felt the design addressed the difficult environmental conditions associated with the remote project site, including allowing for the removal of the floating dock system during winter months to mitigate the concerns of ice loading.  

PEA 2011 - Bellingham Marina Floats
Marina floats at St. Paul Island (photo courtesy 
of Bellingham Marine) 


In addition, the remote project site required that the designer/constructor carefully plan delivery of materials and equipment under weather related time constraints. Construction materials were selected to facilitate delivery to the remote site location and to minimize future maintenance requirements.

They exercised logistical controls during the construction process to ensure correct materials were delivered to site on time. View the complete nomination package here

Bellingham Marine, based in Bellingham, WA, designs, manufactures, and constructs marinas and related products and services globally. Redpoint Structures speciliazes in the design of floating marine structures. 

Small Project

The PEA Small Project was awarded to Ocean and Coastal Consultants, Inc. (OCC) for the Eustacia Island Beach Restoration in the British Virgin Islands for (the project owner) Eustatia Island. The project goal was to slow or stop the erosion that had already removed much of the recreational beach, and was threatening the upland infrastructure.

 2011 PEA - OCC Before
Pre-project conditions along the shoreline 
(photo courtesy of OCC) 


The judges felt the project Worked toward an innovative design solution within a modest budget, and provided good coastal engineering analysis. Due to a lack of available data the designer had to rely on practical experience.

The designer's selection of light color for groin materials closely matches existing beach materials making the design solution less obtrusive to beach users. In addition, the design is flexible and allows the lengths of groins to be adjusted. All of the work completed had to done without damaging natural processes such as littoral transport, beach sand recruitment from the coral reef, and biological activity.

Eustatia Island was effected by Hurricane Earl shortly after the project's completion and OCC's design demonstrated resilience to the storm event. View the complete nomination package here.

2011 PEA - OCC Before 2
Failed end of stone wall (photo
courtesy of OCC) 

  2011 PEA - OCC During 
Low profile groin during construction
(photo courtesy of OCC) 

2011 PEA OCC After  
Arial photograph taken Feb. 2011
(photo courtesy of OCC) 

OCC is a fifty (50) person waterfront engineering firm with offices in Trumbull, CT, Marshfield, MA, Gibbsboro, NJ and Charleston, SC.  OCC's parent company, COWI A/S, is a leading international engineering firm headquartered in Denmark.

COPRI and the PEA Judging Committee also wish to congratulate each design team, construction team, and project owner who participated in the 2011 competition. We appreciate your participation in the Project Excellence Award competition as well as your involvement with COPRI. Please continue to stay active in COPRI and we hope that you will compete again in the 2012 Project Excellence Award.