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American Society of Civil Engineers
Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute
Information Report to the Board of Direction
August 1, 2001

The Board of Governors met on October 21, 2000, and May 4, 2001. The next meeting is scheduled for August 17, 2001.


1.1 No resolutions are awaiting committee action.


2.1 Objective 2.4: Be the primary source of technical information: Launch a Construction Institute and a Coasts, Oceans, Ports and Rivers Institute to serve as the principle sources of technical information for engineers and related professionals practicing in those areas of specialty. Continue to support existing institutes.

2.1.1 The Coasts, Oceans, Ports and Rivers began operating on October 1, 2000.

2.1.2 During its first meeting, the COPRI Governing Board met with all of the Chairs of COPRI’s committees and conducted a leadership orientation and a goal setting session for the newly formed Institute.

  • COPRI published “Underwater Investigations” Standard Practice Manual (ASCE Manual 101)
  • COPRI published the Proceedings from Ports ’01.
  • COPRI published the Proceedings from Coastal Dynamics ’01

Objective: Enhance the understanding, delivery and exchange of technical information.Provide relevant, timely technical information through specialty conferences offered by the Institutes.

  • Ports ’01 was held in May 2001 and exceeded attendance projections by 50% and the pre-meeting short course planned for 25 ended up with 60 people. Early projections show a $100,000 surplus.
  • COPRI committees helped to develop the technical program for the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). OTC had approximately 50,000 attendees in May, 2001.
  • Coastal Dynamics ’01 was sponsored by COPRI and was held June 11-15, 2001, in Lund, Sweden.
  • Waves 2001 conference will be held September 3-5, 2001, and is being developed entirely by committees within COPRI. Rivers and Wetlands Restoration will be held August 27-31, 2001 and is co-sponsored by COPRI and EWRI.
  • Solutions to Coastal Disasters and Dredging Conferences are planned by COPRI for 2002.
  • A proposal for Coastal Structures 2003 specialty conference was received and is pending COPRI Board review.

Objective: All Institutes will introduce a series of new products and services

  • Local Groups: A local group will be started in the Houston area next year. The offshore/port industry has not felt a connection to the Houston Branch. The COPRI group will fill that need.
  • Newsletter (Waterways): The first issue is under development and will hit the streets in early August.
  • Awards: New COPRI-based endowed awards are being planned.
  • Certificates and letters were sent to all founding COPRI members welcoming them to the organization.

Objective: Existing Institute will grow Institute-only members by five percent.

Membership Statistics:
COPRI began Oct. 1, 2000 with approximately 1100 ASCE members.

Membership in July 2001:
ASCE Members: 1703
COPRI Only Members: 15
Total Membership: 1718

  • A mailing was sent in late June to all Waterways levels II and III interest areas to bring them into the group.  There has been an excellent response so far (50 applications to join COPRI).
  • A mailing was sent to nonmembers of ASCE who attended the Carbonate Sands Conference and a second is being prepared for nonmembers who attended the Ports Conference. There has been a good response from the Carbonate Sands mailing, with at least two new International members.
  • COPRI unveiled a new exhibit booth and handed out materials at Ports ’01 Conference. Free membership to COPRI was offered to all nonmembers signing up for full conference registration. Ten new members of COPRI resulted from the weekend. COPRI will provide the same promotion at Waves as Ports.
  • COPRI exhibited for ASCE at OTC.

Objective: Advocate Lifelong Learning.

Two short courses have been planned by COPRI for 2001: one course on the Coastal Engineering Manual was a huge success at Ports ’01; one course on Wave Modeling – using FUNWAVE and SWANN. Both courses will be offered at Waves ’01.

2.6 Objective: Expand the Society’s global network through partnership and coalitions

COPRI is actively partnering with PIANC, IAHR, the Marine Technology Society, numerous universities, and government agencies on its numerous conferences.

Respectfully submitted,

Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute
E. Doug Sethness, President
Michael J. Briggs, Secretary
Charles C. Calhoun, Jr.
Daniel T. Cox, News Correspondent
James E. Dailey, Vice-President
Robert A. Dalrymple
William M. Hall, Treasurer
Louise A. Wallendorf, Past President
Gary Carroll, Executive Director
Patricia S. Brown, Staff Contact

Report prepared by: Patricia S. Brown, P.E.