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COPRI Manuals of Practice

These Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice focus issues related to coasts, oceans, ports, and rivers; many of them were prepared by COPRI committees.
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Task Committee on Inland Navigation of the Waterways Committee; edited by Thomas J. Pokrefke, P.E.
2013 / Soft Cover / Digital
MOP 124 presents design guidance on structures that reshape a river channel to create reliable depths and widths for safe and dependable vessel transit.
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Task Committee on Marinas 2020
2012 / Soft Cover / Digital
MOP 50 provides new, state-of-the-art guidelines for the planning, design, and development of small craft harbors.
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Edited by Athanasios (Thanos) N. Papanicolaou, Ph.D., and Brian D. Barkdoll, Ph.D., P.E.
2011 / Soft Cover / Digital

MOP 122 provides guidance, documentation, and field results for the numerical and physical modeling of sediment movement when dams are removed from waterways.

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Edited by Paul A. Harren
2010 / Soft Cover / Digital
MOP 121 provides guidance for the operation of floating dry docks, graving docks, marine railways, and vertical lifts.
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Edited by William H. McAnally, Ph.D., P.E.
2008 / Soft Cover / Digital

MOP 116 presents engineering criteria and practices for the design, operation, and management of navigation projects and shows how to integrate them with engineering ethics.

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2008 / Hard Cover

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Edited by Marcelo Garcia, Ph.D., P.E.
2008 / Hard Cover / Digital
MOP 110 presents extensive advances in methods of investigation, measurement, and analysis in the specialized field of sedimentation engineering.
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Edited by Lakshmi N. Reddi, P.E.
2005 / Soft Cover / Digital
MOP 105 provides a comprehensive view of the state-of-the-art practice of animal waste containment and gives directions for future research techniques.
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Edited by Bruce L. McCartney, Laurie L. Ebner, Lyndell Z. Hales, and Eric E. Nelson
2005 / Soft Cover / Digital
MOP 107 provides an overview of the design process and operation of deep-draft navigation projects.
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Edited by Kenneth M. Childs, Jr.
2001 / Soft Cover / Digital
MOP 101 provides presents guidelines representing standards of practice, documentation, and reporting for various types of underwater structural inspection.
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