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Membership Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Membership Committee is to broaden the awareness of COPRI among the professional community; to attract new members, both individual and organizational; to increase the diversity of membership; encourage discourse among professionals working on our coasts and in our oceans, ports, and rivers; and to engage engineers, scientists, and resource managers in the improvement of the profession.


Charles C. Calhoun Jr., P.E., D.NE, F.ASCE
Stephen A. Curtis, P.E., D.PE, M.ASCE
William H. Hanson, Dist.D.NE, A.M.ASCE
Orville T. Magoon, Dist.D.CE, Dist.M.ASCE
James N. Marino, P.E., D.CE, M.ASCE
Nicholas Pansic, P.E., D.NE, M.ASCE