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Spotlight on TRULINE Hybrid Piling System

Truline Hybrid SystemAfter watching concrete seawalls crumble and crack and trying to figure out how to build a better seawall to last longer, creative minds came together from engineering, marine construction and a vinyl extruder to design the most innovative sheet piling product in the last 30 years – Truline.

After careful design, multiple independent lab tests, and test installations, Truline came to market six years ago.

Today, Truline has been installed in over sixteen US states and eight countries as a seawall, cutoff wall, retaining wall, and flood wall.

Proven Strength and Long Service Life

Truline Hybrid System 2Reinforced concrete has been widely installed for seawalls and coastal protection over the past 100 years for its strength, appearance and lower cost than steel.

Now, the Truline hybrid system combines the ability to build a strong steel-reinforced concrete wall with the protective, UV-resistant vinyl form so that it lasts longer than an exposed concrete wall.

An independent accelerated laboratory test shows that Truline protected concrete significantly outperforms unprotected concrete when exposed to seawater.

In fact, unprotected concrete samples lost 52% more material during the abrasion test than did the Truline protected samples.

Efficient Installation

Truline CaliforniaEngineers can design taller walls with the Truline system than with pre-cast concrete panels because contractors can efficiently cast-in-place the wall, eliminating the typical equipment constraints and inefficiencies associated with pouring, moving and installing long and heavy precast panels.

Due to the light weight of the material, Truline can be hand-carried to the jobsite and installed with little tear-up.

In addition to the traditional application methods of anchoring or cantilevering the wall in various soil conditions, due to the box-shape of the Truline system, it can also be pin-piled in rocky areas, such as the Florida Keys.

Product Details

  • Strength of reinforced concrete protected by Truline vinyl form (12” wide x 8” deep x custom length)
  • Dual-interlocking joints provide continuous strength integrity throughout the wall and in corners and radiuses
  • Engineering specifications are based on actual strength testing
  • Proven, durable co-extruded material formulated for exterior weatherability and high impact resistance
  • UV-resistant against fading and discoloration
  • Non-corrosive, non-chalking and chemical resistant
  • Configuration flexibility to install return walls from anywhere on the wall surface

Learn more about the Truline system by visiting the website, or contact Truline by email.