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Spotlight On Ocean and Coastal Consultants, Inc.

Ocean and Coastal Consultants (OCC) offers diversified consulting services, drawing upon their in-depth expertise in an array of disciplines. They have been successfully serving clients for over 30 years.


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OCC was founded on January 1, 1983 by Stanley White, PE. Since that time, OCC has grown from a small startup company in Westport, Connecticut to a five-office firm with locations along the east coast from Massachusetts to South Carolina.

OCC has had steady, controlled growth focusing on quality staff and challenging projects while creating "partnerships" with their clients to help them reach their goals. OCC looks at all aspects of a project, taking a 360 degree view, rather than focusing on just one element.

A testament to the quality of services that OCC provides is that their first client, Mobil Oil, remains a client today (ExxonMobil). As a matter of fact, OCC continues to perform work at one of ExxonMobil's formally owned Marine Terminals on Staten Island.


The acquisition of OCC in 2007 by COWI was a positive move, and allowed OCC to engage with current and prospective clients at an even higher level. OCC is now poised to take off, particularly within the North American market. Their affiliated companies, Buckland & Taylor, Ben C. Gerwick and Jenny Engineering, are strong partners who are also subsidiaries of COWI. Their collective resources and talents are significant and will provide a platform for further growth.

New Leadership

As of January 1, 2013, OCC was very pleased to announce a change of leadership. Stan White stepped down as President and OCC's first full-time employee (June 1986), John Chapman, PE, became the new President. 

John Chapman of OCC

John will lead OCC into the next 30 years, retaining its current culture that focuses on client service and excellence in strategic marine engineering. John's approach to leading has not only introduced a new energy into the company, but has brought a renewed passion and enthusiasm to each and every project.

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