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COPRI Manuals of Practice

These Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice focus issues related to coasts, oceans, ports, and rivers; many of them were prepared by COPRI committees.
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Edited by Bruce L. McCartney, Laurie L. Ebner, Lyndell Z. Hales, and Eric E. Nelson
2005 / Soft Cover / Digital
MOP 107 provides an overview of the design process and operation of deep-draft navigation projects.
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Edited by Kenneth M. Childs, Jr.
2001 / Soft Cover / Digital
MOP 101 provides presents guidelines representing standards of practice, documentation, and reporting for various types of underwater structural inspection.
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Edited by Robert Ettema
2000 / Soft Cover / Digital
MOP 97 presents the ideas behind model design and use for a broad spectrum of hydraulic modeling methods.
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Edited by Bruce L. McCartney, John George, B. K. Lee, Mark Lindgren, and Frank Neilson
1998 / Digital
MOP 94 provides information on planning, design, construction, and operation of the U.S. waterways used by barge traffic.
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1996 / Soft Cover / Digital

MOP 28 serves as a basic reference, providing a thorough, up-to-date guide for hydrologists.

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Edited by Vito A. Vanoni
1975 / Hard Cover / Digital
MOP 54 is an excellent text for understanding the nature and scope of sedimentation problems, methods for their investigation, and practical approaches to their solution.
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