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COPRI Technical Reports

These committee reports focus issues related to coasts, oceans, ports, and rivers; many of them were prepared by COPRI committees.

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Edited by Warren Viessman Jr.; Timothy D. Feather
2006 / Soft Cover / Digital

This report explores features and trends in state water planning since 1986.

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Task Committee on America's Wetland
This report provides conclusions and recommendations of an ASCE Task Committee concerning technical aspects of the restoration of the Louisiana coastal wetlands.
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Edited by Ram K. Mohan; Orville Magoon; Mark Pirrello
2003 / Soft Cover / Digital
This report is a compendium of 10 papers addressing the state-of-the-art advances in coastal structure design by internationally renowned authors.
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Edited by J. Wayland Eheart

This report explains how to regulate the routine withdrawal of water efficiently (both bureaucratically and economically) and fairly with minimal involvement of the legal system.

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Committee on Ports and Harbors Lifelines

This report describes the seismic performance of ports in the Osaka Bay region of Japan following the Hyogo-Ken Nanbu earthquake.

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Edited by Richard J. Seymour

This report establishes the state of the art in a full range of renewable energy technologies that harness the power of oceans.

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Edited by Colin R. Thorne; Robert C. MacArthur; Jeffrey B. Bradley
This collection contains 14 noteworthy, often-quoted papers by Brigadier Ralph Alger Bagnold, who is especially well-known for his pioneering work on wind blown sands in deserts.
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