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UNF Student Chapter

Chapter Focus

UNF Chapter Logo  

UNF COPRI is proud to be the newest COPRI student chapter as of September 2012. UNF is currently working in unison with ASCE/COPRI to advance the engineering profession along the coasts through a collective effort that is mutually beneficial to both organizations. UNF is also progressing the coastal engineering community by involving up-and-coming young engineers and scientists with industry professionals through networking opportunities and project site visits. 

Club activities have included and will continue to include sponsored events plus our own independent activities. UNF COPRI officially started in January 2013. Past, present, and future activities include club meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, and socials. These events incorporate industry professionals from within the local community in northeast Florida, as well as prestigious engineers from around the nation. UNF COPRI has reached out to local firms and has received committed support for the club’s proposed activities.

UNF COPRI also plans to interact with the COPRI student chapters of other universities, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, and the University of Florida at national COPRI events or other arranged events. You are invited to join UNF COPRI’s efforts in promoting the importance of science and engineering along the coastlines of our planet.

Spring 2013 Chapter Update

Meetings & Activities

UNF COPRI has organized meetings and activities for the 2012-2013 academic year. These meetings, workshops, and activities will help to promote our club throughout the university and will serve as an excellent tool for recruitment. Workshops will enable our members to keep up to date with the latest software and models used in the coastal and port engineering field. Socials are intended for students to associate with experienced professionals who have been working in this field for many years. We invite you to take a look at our scheduled activities and mark your calendars to attend our upcoming events!

UNF COPRI Executive Members

 UNF COPRI Executive Members  

President: Hunter Bredesen 

Vice President:
Luis Montoya 

Shannon Kay 

Dorukhan Ardag  

Faculty Advisor:
Peter Bacopoulos, Ph.D.  

From left: Luis Montoya, Dorukhan Ardag, Hunter Bredesen, Peter Bacopoulos