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New Award - EMI Leonardo Da Vinci Award

The Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) established a new award in 2011, The EMI Leonardo Da Vinci Award. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding young investigators early in their careers for promising ground-breaking developments in the field of Engineering Mechanics and Mechanical Sciences as relevant to Civil Engineering, understood in the broadest sense.  


The nomination shall consist of:
1. A cover letter, signed by the nominator.
2. Three letters of recommendation.
3. The nominee’s CV.
4. A one-page research statement of the Nominee.
5. Three publications in peer-reviewed journals, which either have been published or have been accepted for publication.

The deadline for submitting nomination packages for the EMI Leonardo da Vinci Award is November 1 of each year.  Learn more.

The nominations should be sent to Dr. Amar Chaker, Director, EMI, at

View the list of previous winners: da Vinci Award Recipients.