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Research Tools

A Research Group Profile (RGP) is a compact description of the work a team of researchers is undertaking. Starting with the problem the group is addressing and an explanation of why it matters, the RGP presents the approach followed to investigate the problem and list the findings of the team.  It then explains the impact and meaning of these findings.  Adding a list of recent publications, a list of team members, recent graduatescollaborations with individuals or institutions, and a list of core competencies completes the profile. The name and contact information of the group leader(s) and the relevant website address (es) are provided.  

The RGPs originally published over the past several years as part of the monthly EMI newsletter are posted in this section.  The current collection of nearly thirty RGPs has been reformatted to provide a search capability based on specific keywords or tags.  This database presents a snapshot of the research undertaken by EMI members and an explanation of why it matters.  It can be useful to prospective graduate students looking to select institutions and groups where they will conduct their doctoral research, or to researchers looking for groups working in their areas of interest and with which they may want to collaborate. 

Follow the link to view the Research Group Profiles.