Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI)

  • Advancing water resources and environmental solutions to achieve a sustainable future

    The Environmental & Water Resources Institute is ASCE’s technical source for environmental and water-related issues. EWRI is one of eight ASCE technical institutes. 

    Our members include professionals whose focus areas are:

    • the Environment
    • Groundwater
    • Surface Water
    • Hydraulics and Waterways
    • Irrigation and Drainage
    • Planning and Management
    • Urban Water Resources,
    • Water Supply, Wastewater, and Storm Water
    • Watershed
    • Domestic and International Interdisciplinary Issues

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    Technical Information

    We provide technical and educational information through:

    • Journals
    • Publications (Technical Reports, Manuals of Practice, and Standards)
    • Continuing Educations (seminars and webinars)
    • Conferences and Workshops
    • Browse the online bookstore.   


    Brian Parsons

    Barbara Whitten
    Technical Manager 

    Gabrielle Dunkley 

    Veronique Nguyen 
    Project Coordinator 

    Maureen Maldonado