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EWRI Vice President Election

  • It is time to consider nominating a candidate (including self-nomination) for the position of ASCE-EWRI Governing Board (GB) Vice President. The position is the first of three steps towards the position of EWRI GB President. The tenure of this office is as follows:

    • EWRI Vice President – FY2018; Commences October 1, 2017
    • EWRI President-Elect – FY2019; Commences October 1, 2018
    • EWRI President – FY2020; Commences October 1, 2019
    • EWRI Past President – FY2021; Commences October 1, 2020

    Nominations packets must be received at ASCE-EWRI by 5:00 p.m. EST, Friday, January 27, 2017. The nomination packet should include the following items which may be filled out electronically and submitted by clicking on the links below:

    Once nominees are chosen by the Nomination and Elections Committee and presented to the Governing Board, an announcement of the Official Nominees will be made to the membership.  (Petition nominations will be accepted after that time until June 1.)  The election will be held after June 1, 2017. 

    Announcement of the new ASCE-EWRI GB Vice President will be made before October 1, 2017, the start of the new fiscal year.

    More details about the process may be found in the ASCE-EWRI Bylaws, Article VII, or in the most recent ASCE Official Register.

    Please submit all forms to ewri@asce.org, or by fax to (703) 295-6371, or to:

    1801 Alexander Bell Drive
    Reston, VA  20191

    Please contact EWRI at (703) 295-6380 with any questions you may have.