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Appendix C - Standard EWRI Forms

  •  Committee/Volunteer Expense Authorization Requests
    • EWRI Committee Meeting Authorization & Reimbursement Request Form (Online or PDF)
    • EWRI Non-Meeting Activity Expense Authorization & Reimbursement Request (PDF)
  •  Committee Organizational Requests
    • EWRI Executive Committee Nomination Form (Online or PDF)
    • EWRI New Council/Committee/Task Committee Proposal Form (Online or PDF)
    • EWRI Task Committee Closure Report Form (Online or PDF)
  •  Program Assesment and Evaluation System
    • EWRI PAES FORM (Coming Soon!)
  •  Event Proposals and Co-Sponsorship
    • EWRI Conference/Workshop Proposal Guidelines (PDF)
    • EWRI Co-Sponsorship Request Form (.docx)