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Appendix F - Sample Meeting Agenda and Minutes


Sample Meeting Agenda:

Name of Committee
Location of Meeting (City & State)
Month, day, year

1. Call to Order

2. Welcome and Announcements

3. Review and Approval of Minutes from last meeting.

4. Committee Structure and Operations

  • Membership

5. Review of Current activities

  • Publications
  • Task Committees
  • Other Activities

6. Budget Items

  • Reimbursement for travel

7. Future Meetings

8. Other Business

7. Adjournment


Sample Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Minutes
Name of Committee
City, State
Month, Day, Year

Core Group: Name, Chair; Name, Past Chair; Name (absent), Vice Chair; Name, Secretary [may have up to 10 core group members]

Members Present: List full names of each member present.

Members Absent: List full names of each member not present.

Meeting Brought to Order by: Chair ________ at _______ a.m./p.m.

Introductions: Attendees briefly introduced themselves.

Minutes of ____ meeting approved with amendments (attachment 1).

Membership Issues

  • New Members: The following new members were CV's were circulated and they were elected by unanimous vote.
  • Control Group Members: The following members expressed an interest in becoming a control group member.
  • Membership Roster was distributed for corrections.

Awards Committee - The following recommendations were reported by _______.

  • Service to the Profession Award: Renominate _______.
  • Huber Award: Nominate ______ and consider _________ next year.
  • Hinds Award: _______'s nomination will remain in the queue. _______ was also nominated for the Hinds award and ________ will coordinate the nomination

Task Committee Reports

  • Task Committee on _______ chaired by ___________.

Conference Technical Sessions: Continue to organize and coordinate sessions on evolutionary computation in water resources and the environment. We were limited to only three technical sessions at the 2003 meeting due to space limitations. A workshop is being held on Sunday afternoon. We hope to have about six to eight sessions in 2004.

Special Issue of hte Journal of _________: A set of papers for a special issue of Journal of _____ is tentatively accepted; hoping to have the final submissions in about three to four months.

Committee Report/Manual: Plans are underway to generate a peer-reviewed publication, and the committee would work on it over the next year.

Newly Proposed Task Committees

  • Task Committee ________. Details [This committee was proposed to EWRI by the ______, Status of response, proposal approved or not approved by the committee]
  • Task Committee ________. Details...
  • Task Committee ________. Details...

Publications Committee Report by _______, Editor

  • Status of Journal: Submissions to journal increased by __% last year. Submissions have continued to increase this year. Subscriptions are going down, although revenues are rising. The journal impact factor (number of citations per paper per year) is now equal to 0.62.
  • Special Issues:
    Title - editor
    Title - editor
    Title - editor
  • Associate Editors: Added ________



  • ____ announced that the ______ Committee is developing a manual of practice entitled ________.
  • ____ announced that the ______ Committee is developing a committee report entitled ________.
  • ____ announced his new publication ___________, Author, date, month, year.

EWRI Organizational Issues

_____ described the EWR organizational structure.

  • EWRI _____ Congress in City, State:

_____ will be the chair of the _____ (year) and is looking for conference tracks.

Tracks should be organized by month, day, year.

Track coordinators, session chairs and moderators should be identified.

A track is a group of related sessions (1 track = 15 sessions = 60 papers).

  • EWRI _____ Council Weekend: ________ gave a summary of ________ workshop.
  • Congress Track Suggestions:
No. Track Name Coordinator No. of sessions
1 Quentin Martin track in River Basin Management Jane Smith 8
2 Systems and Law John Rogers 3
3 Evolutionary Computation Joe Newcastle 8
4 Calibration, Data Assimilation and Uncertainty George Gerard 5
5 Water Distribution Systems Analysis Shane West 12
6 Climate Change and Water Resources Jerry Adkins 3
7 Hydrological Frequency Analysis Christina Culver 2
8 Groundwater Management Tom Clarke 6
9 Linking Planning and Operations Analysis June Abromovich 3
  • Other Planned Tributes to ______ Award

The committee approved the idea to develop an ASCE award in memory of him/her.

Meeting adjorned at: [Insert date and time]

Minutes submitted by: [Insert Name]