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EWRI Operations Handbook - New!

View the Online EWRI Operations Handbook (Last Updated: November 2009)  

The EWRI Operations Handbook is produced under the authority of the EWRI Governing Board (GB). EWRI’s first Operations Handbook was developed in FY2000 and as EWRI had evolved over the years it was in need of revision. To accomplish this, the EWRI GB tasked the Governing Documents Committee to work jointly with EWRI Staff to update the Handbook. The Handbook has been revised and is currently available online. The inaugural launching of the online EWRI Operations Handbook occurred in May 2009.

Part of the revision included updating EWRI's Standard Forms. All EWRI Standard Forms may now be submitted electronically and may be found under Appendix C.

The users of this Handbook are encouraged to offer comments on its content and suggestions for its improvement directly to the EWRI GB's Governing Documents Committee or EWRI Staff. It is intended to be a living document to meet the needs of its members and leaders.