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Award Nomination Forms

ASCE National Award Forms

EWRI Award Forms

  1. EWRI Award Nomination Form - required
  2. EWRI Notification of Selection Committee Recommendation Form(for committee/council use only - required) 
    • Council Awards Committee Chairs MUST submit this Notification of Selection form for each award winner AFTER the:
           [a] Council Awards Committee AND
           [b] its Parent Council have approved their award recipient selections
    • When the online EWRI Notification of Selection Committee Recommendation Form is submitted, a copy will automatically be sent to the EWRI Awards Committee Chair and EWRI staff
  3. EWRI Journal Award Notification of Selection Form - (for journal editor use only - required)
    • Journal Editors must now submit these forms to the Council for each category of journal award

Steps To Submitting An Award:

  1. Choose the appropriate award.
  2. Fill out the appropriate nomination form, see above, whether for an ASCE or an EWRI award.
  3. After gathering documents listed on the form and required for the specific award, submit to the appropriate contact as given on the nomination form.
  4. Unless you are the responsible EWRI council awards representative, you are done. 
  5. Council awards representatives must also: