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Task Committee Excellence Award

Qualifications: Any task committee under the Institute's purview can receive this award in recognition of an outstanding effort and product.

Nomination Deadline: October 1st

Nomination Submission: Nominations can come from any technical or administrative committee or from individuals on an "at-large" basis. It is desirable, however, that these nominations have the support of the control members of the appropriate parent committee.

To nominate a peer for this award you need to submit your nominations to the appropriate EWRI Council Awards Committee chair by October 1st. At large nominations must be submitted to the Awards Committee no later than October 1st.

In the event that no nominations are received, the appropriate EWRI Council Awards Committee may formulate recommendations of its own or decline to submit any nominations.

Presentation of Award: The award is presented annually at an appropriate meeting, normally annually at the EWRI World Environmental & Water Resources Congress.

Award Type: The award consists of a mounted certificate.