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 1.1 What is EWRI Publication Process Handbook?  

The EWRI Publication Process Handbook (herein refered to as Publication Handbook) includes information for EWRI members to use in initiating and developing non-periodical Publications. Also included is a general description of the process to publish within ASCE Publications and when EWRI members would provide input to that process.

This Handbook applies to most types of publications, however as with all processes not all situations can be addressed, so please feel free to contact the EWRI Manager or EWRI Director (hereafter referred to as EWRI Staff) if you have questions.

1.2 What is the Objective of EWRI Publication Handbook?  

The objective of EWRI Publication Handbook to be a resource for EWRI members interested in creating publications. The intent is to have EWRI members informed, preferably in advance of initiating the development of a publication, so as to minimize delays in publication.

1.3 Who is Responsible for the EWRI Publication Handbook?  

At the inception of EWRI, a Products & Marketing ExCom (PME) was created. The purpose of the PME and the councils within the PME was to work with ASCE Publications Department and EWRI staff to create processes, provide guidance, and be a clearing house for EWRI Products. After the processes were established, the ExCom and its councils were dissolved.

Since the PME was dissolved, EWRI staff works jointly with the ASCE Publications staff to update the EWRI Publication Handbook.

1.4 What is the Purpose of the EWRI Publication Handbook ?  

The EWRI Publication Handbook contains:

  • The “Development, Approval, and Production Process” for most types of publications.
  • Formatting instructions for preparing committee reports, manuals, and standards.
  • Publication forms required for submissions to ASCE/EWRI staff:

    Marketing Questionnaire (To be completed by the committee/task committee that prepares a Publication, and shall be provided when the document is transmitted to ASCE Publications).
    ASCE Turnover to Production - The Transmittal Sheet for transmitting a completed Publication from the committee/task committee to EWRI Staff.
    Cover Suggestion Form
    Copyright Transfer Agreement
    Permissions Verification form
    Illustration and Permissions Inventory Worksheet

  • ASCE and EWRI publication staff contact information