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Communications Council

The purpose of the Council is to communicate news and other information of interest to the EWRI membership; to stimulate interest and participation in EWRI activities; to serve as a sounding board for issues of importance for EWRI leadership and members-at-large; and to actively promote EWRI products, services, expertise and accomplishments through publication of a quarterly newsletter. The Communications Council may also suggest information to be included in each edition of the ASCE News or to be included in the EWRI webpage. Currents is the quarterly newsletter of EWRI. Ideally, an issue of Currents will be delivered to the EWRI membership each February, May, August and November.

The Currents newsletter shall contain information of interest to the EWRI membership including:
  • All information on Committees and Council activities, calls for members or task committees.
  • All information on publications, including book reviews and calls for authors.
  • Congress, Conference and Seminar news for both recent and upcoming events.
  • Information on awards.
  • News about the people of EWRI.
The President of EWRI shall prepare a quarterly column for the newsletter. The Communications Council will have at least three but not more than ten control members. These members shall include a chairperson and secretary. News Correspondents shall be appointed in the following manner:
  • Each Council in the Technical EXCOM shall appoint one Correspondent.
  • One News Correspondent (possibly the chair of the Communications Committee) shall serve as the News Correspondent for the Institute Operations EXCOM.
  • All other Committees and Councils are encouraged to appoint their own News Correspondent.
It is the role of News Correspondents to obtain information from the various committees and councils and pass it directly to the Chair of the Communications Council. News Correspondents shall review and edit information before passing it to the Communications Council chairperson. The chairperson shall ensure that news and information is relayed to ASCE/EWRI staff for inclusion in the next issue of Currents.

Current News Correspondents

Water, Waterways and Stormwater Council
Paul Bizier

Irrigation & Drainage Council
Robert Evans

Watershed Council
Jeff Rieker

Hydraulics and Waterways Council
Kit Ng

Environmental Multi-Media Council
Wendy Cohen

Standards Development Council
Hugo Loaiciga

International Cooperation Council
Mark W. Killgore

Planning and Management Council
Rober Traver

Urban Water Resources Research Council
Scott Struck

For more information or to become involved with the Communications Council, contact the Council Chair, John Weiland at .