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EWRI Awards Committee

Purpose: Hydraulic Structures Medal

To recommend recipients for all ASCE awards, and to recommend and maintain an environmental and water resources awards program for best papers published under the Institute's auspices, as well as to maintain the Codes and Standards awards of the ASCE. The members of the EWRI Awards Committee (AWC) will consist of either the Chair, Past Chair, or representative of their council and terms are either two or three years for officers. 

FY2013 EWRI Awards Committee: 

Teresa Culver - Chair and Groundwater Council Representative
Jery Stedinger - Vice Chair and Planning & Management Council Representative
Wayne Huber -
Past Chair and Urban Water Resources Research Council
Dennis Richards - Institute Operations ExCom Chair and Governing Board Representative
Michael Ports - Water, Wastewater & Stormwater Council Representative
Joseph Dellapenna - Standards Development Council Representative
Eugene Le Boeuf - Environmental Council Representative
Tom Ley
- Irrigation & Drainage Council Representative
Daniel Wren - Hydraulics & Waterways Council Representative
Robert Swain - Watershed Council Representative

Sub- and related committees:

  • EWRI Lifetime Achievement Award - Huber, past chair; Peggy Johnson, GB past chair; and winners from past three years
  • Huber Award- Huber, EWRI rep
  • Paper Review Committee - LeBoeuf, EWRI rep (appointed by AWC)
  • Arid Lands Award - Stedinger, Awards Comm Vice-Chair; Swain, WSC rep; Wren, HWC rep, Ley, IDC rep; and past three winners
  • Einstein Award - EWRI reps - Wren, HWC rep and Sedimentation Comm at-large rep; Jimmy Fox, Sedimentation Chair; Terry Sturm, HWC member (These serve with COPRI team.)

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