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Dr. Lindell Ormsbee

Dr. Ormsbee is the Raymond-Blythe Professor of civil engineering at the University of Kentucky where he currently serves as director of the Kentucky Water Research Institute, the Kentucky Center of Excellence for Watershed Management, and the associate director of the UK Superfund Research Center. He has also served as Director of the Kentucky Research Consortium for Energy and Environment, Director of the Tracy Farmer Center for the Environment and the Chair of the Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission.

Since joining UK in 1983, he has been actively engaged in research, teaching, and consulting in water resources and environmental engineering and has published more that 250 technical papers and reports on various topics in this field. He has also received over $25 million in direct research funding and has participated on research teams associated with an additional $25 million in collaborative funding.

Dr. Ormsbee is an internationally recognized expert on water distribution system modeling and security, serving as one of the earlier pioneers in the water distribution modeling field. Working with Don Wood (the creator of KYPIPE), he helped enhance and market KYPIPE to the water distribution industry.

Dr. Ormsbee also has extensive expertise in stormwater modeling and watershed management as well as additional expertise in groundwater remediation, research translation, and the development and implementation of effective strategies for public engagement in environmental and water resources issues.

A fellow of ASCE, Dr. Ormsbee has been an active member of ASCE since 1978 and has served as the president of the Bluegrass Branch and Kentucky Section as well as leadership roles in several ASCE technical committees. He has been an active member of EWRI since its inception and is a Diplomate member of the American Academy of Water Resource Engineers. He is also a licensed professional engineer as well as a professional hydrologist.

EWRI Fellow Since 2014