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Jay Lund

Director of the UC Davis Watershed Sciences Center and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the University of California - Davis. Jay Lund’s principal research is in applying systems analysis and economic ideas to water resource and environmental policy, management, and engineering problems. His areas of research include reservoir and system operations, water demand management, flood management, environmental restoration, and integration of science and policy.  He has led development and application of a large-scale optimization modeling for California's water supply, as well as various other modeling and policy studies. In recent years he has been a principal author of several major books and reports on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and California water policy and Managing California’s Water – from conflict to reconciliation, with the Public Policy Institute of California.  His work on groundwater has involved mostly the integration of groundwater management with the management of surface water and water demands and, most recently, policy and management of nitrate contamination of groundwater.  He is a frequent contributor to
EWRI Fellow Since 2013